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Returns & Cancellation

Return Conditions

  1. Item is purchased within 30 days.

  2. Item is brand new, in original condition and NOT been removed from the original packaging it came in.

  3. All original tags/labels/seals attached, intact and unbroken.

  4. Original packaging is undamaged

  5. Products with expiry date of 6 months or less cannot be returned 

  6. Please refer to "Steps for Returns" if the return conditions are met

Cancellation Policy

  1. By default, The Clover Mart does not accept cancellations after an order is placed on our website as the order is sent to our warehouse for immediate processing.

  2. If you decide to change your mind about an order after it is placed, you can return the item back to us under our Returns Policy as above.

  3. As per our Returns Policy, all refunds will be given in the form of store vouchers

Product Warranty

  1. By default, all items sold at The Clover Mart does not come with warranty unless otherwise stated on the product page itself.

  2. Certain products might be warranted by manufacturers and repairs will be conducted by them.

  3. Cost involved in sending the item to the respective warranty centres for assessment will be borne by buyers.

  4. If the issue is deemed by the warranty center to be a manufacturing defect, and the item cannot be repaired or replaced, a refund in the form of a one time usage store voucher will be issued to the buyer.

Steps for Returns

  1. Please contact us directly via Customer Support to request for a return. Please ensure that your return fulfils the terms under Return Conditions before doing so. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for return, you can contact us to enquire more.

  2. Once a return has been requested, our customer service will reply your e-mail authorising you to send back your item. (Note: Your return is not accepted yet.) 

  3. You may choose to bring the item to us personally or mail it to us. The buyer is responsible for all shipping related considerations and charges to send the return item to us.  

  4. After we have received your return item, we will screen your item for physical damages. (Note: Your return is not accepted yet.)

  5. You will receive an e-mail from us (maximum 7 days from receipt of item by us) notifying you whether your return has been accepted or rejected. If your return is accepted, refund will be issued to you in the form of a one-time use store voucher amounting to the value you paid for the product upon purchase, which you can use to offset a future purchase with us. 

  6. The Clover Mart reserves the right to reject any return item that does not meet our return conditions stated above. If the return item is rejected, customer must collect back the item. You may self-collect, arrange your own courier service, or opt for our courier service. 

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