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Karihome Cow Milk Growing-Up Formula contains 2’-FL MultiShield Protect to fortify your child’s immune system and digestive health besides promoting physical and mental development.

  • Highest* levels of 2’-FL (Fucosyllactose), a special prebiotic which feeds good bacteria in the gut.
  • Zinc and iron, minerals that support the body’s natural defences.
  • DHA, important building blocks for development of the brain and eyes
  • Nucleotides that are needed for cell regeneration and overall growth.
  • More than 28 nutrients to support over all-round development.


It’s best for Immunity boosting, healthy digestive system, eye and brain functioning


*Compared with toddler cow milk formula brands sold in Singapore. Based on declared value per 100g of powder.


Karihome Cow Growing-Up Formula - 900g

$40.90 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
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